Run better, productive and more efficient meetings

Kiree helps you prepare, run, and follow up on meetings with your team effortlessly. We automate the boring tasks for you so you can focus on other priorities.

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Hello Product Hunters! We're excited to launch Kiree here today. Kiree started because @akshaykonjier and I were feeling frustrated with constant meetings distracting our workday, struggling to gain focus and time to do actual work. Our beta launch in Oct 2017 helped us recognize that preparing, running, and following up on meetings that are effective and efficient takes a lot of effort and, well, people don't want to have to think about it because they have to and should focus on other priorities. We built Kiree with simplicity and ease in mind to help make running productive meetings effortless so people have more time doing and can refocus their energy in areas that matter. Check us out, invite your co-workers, and give Kiree a go for one of your meetings today! We want to hear your comments, questions, and feedback!
Hi Louise and Akshay, The product seems quite fluid and interesting. A few questions 1) Just based on your analysis/research, what do people use right now to keep track of meetings. I know I've switched between Evernote and Google Docs for meetings. 2) How have you managed to convince users to utilize this product, is it more of a top-down approach as in convincing management to enforce this? or is it convincing users to adopt this for their own benefit first?
@talib_contractor Great questions! 1. People use a wide variety of items for their meeting notes such as Google Docs, Evernote, One Note and old fashion pen and paper which seem to the be most common. We started Kiree because we felt that we could add a collaboration aspect to notes which those tools don't address well. We are also focused on other aspects of meetings such as providing templates, agenda timers etc which are all available in Kiree. 2. We have been focused on getting signups from various companies to provide us feedback and allow us to reiterate our product and get to this point. Ideally, for mass adoption, you'd want a top-down approach with a collaboration software such as Kiree. Organic adoption of collaboration software can take much longer and doesn't allow the users to take advantage of the collaboration immediately. Although we are a new company and constantly learning so we'll see what our users tell us :).
Thanks @akshaykonjier! do you have any stats (industry-wise) that would relay how much time is actually spent in meetings and how effective kiree can be?
@talib_contractor Here's a really good infographic put out by Atlassian showing how we waste our time at work. We also have a meeting calculator on our site which allows you to see how much meetings are costing you on your team/company. I warn you though, it'll be higher than you think :).
Hi Everyone! Akshay here, the other co-founder. Appreciate you all checking out Kiree and feel free to let us know if you have any feedback.
Great job !! So do you cater to Windows 10, iOS ,macOS? Would love to try these out on these platform
@ayush_chandra It's a Web App, so you can use it in any browser. Give it a go and let me know what you think!
Looks super effective - and has gmail integration!
@mackflavelle It does and Outlook 365/Slack Integrations too!