Kirby Project Hub

Quick and simple project management tool for freelancers

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Charlie Irish
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
Simple design, elegant and a good offering for clients. Although difficult to differentiate in this crowded market.
Gunther Groenewege
Gunther GroenewegeMaker@groenewege · Web Design + Development
Hey Product Hunters, It is very exciting to see my side project featured here. Kirby Project Hub is a simple project management tool for freelance designers and developers. Working on web projects, I have found that existing online project management solutions are great for teamwork but not very suited to simply keep my clients up to date with the progress of their project. This is why I developed this simple client area, named Kirby Project Hub, it is build on top of the wonderful Kirby CMS and it can be used as a stand-alone website or as the client area of an existing website. If you have questions or feedback, please share them with me.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Nice visual feel. For me, I need something so that when I am working with outsourcers I can discuss certain tasks (why I'm not marking it as done), and track overall progress... even perhaps use it for getting quotes on projects. By the description I thought this might be something I could use, but from flicking through the Demo it seems to be more of a vendor->client comms tool... for my outsourcers I will probably stick to Basecamp. BUT, I think there's a great market for what you've built, but maybe with some refinements - in my other business I deliver enterprise-level IT security projects and I think something like this would have a lot of value if it offered that "dashboard" view that management needs. I don't necessarily need to track every small task, but we need a high level picture of key dates, decisions and outstanding actions, so that when my client's project manager doesn't execute, his boss can quickly and easily see the tasks that are waiting on him to complete. The guys who work at that level aren't interested in logging into Jira and looking at outstanding issues
Gunther Groenewege
Gunther GroenewegeMaker@groenewege · Web Design + Development
@rossdcurrie Thank you for your valuable feedback!
Sven Read
Sven Read@starburst1977 · Designer, Father, human being. Loves U…
I really dig the idea & execution: Building on an easy, well tested and affordable CMS and using at as basis for a simple and straightforward project management tool. I will give it a real world run and see how everything works out. But my first impression: very positiv.