Kip Café

Order lunch delivery for your team inside Slack ☺

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This is great — takes the pain out of team lunch ordering, right from within Slack! 1. Order lunch and checkout directly in Slack without leaving chat 2. Set a budget and keep track of spending 3. Leave no one member behind — Kip collects team preferences for restaurants choices 4. Automatic collection — save time following up with slow people. Kip does it for you! Rachel and Alyx have a special offer for Product Hunters: 10% off your first 5 orders if you add Kip to your Slack team
@chrismessina Thanks for the hunt/share. Just curious why would the maker limit this to slack? Also wondering your view on the slack economy is it promising long-term? Thanks :)
@darrenlee Hi Darren, thanks for your question! We started with Slack as a pilot for Kip Cafe. We chose Slack because we've seen the clearest use-case in a team workplace scenario, and it made sense to us as a pain point to solve. Kip Store, which is for general shopping, is available on multiple platforms and also email.
Thanks Chris for hunting Kip! Kip Cafe is our first into providing teams and workplaces with useful services. The cool part of chatbots is that they can talk to everyone in parallel, which is a great time-saver Appreciate any feedback or questions that you might have, cheers-