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Hi PH! 🔥 It all started with lunch. We were on Slack, and taking screen-caps of menus and copy-pasting links to each other about who wanted brown rice or white rice, or soup vs salad. Then we had to count the orders, and input them individually. It was very manual and a huge waste of time. We built Kip to solve these problems and enable anyone on Slack to easily coordinate group orders. Best of all, Kip guides you through the available choices to always give you the best product match, the best value for money. At Kip, we’re designing an “AI assistant for human assistance.” Instead of trying to replace the human element, we enable care-giving behavior, streamline it and make it more efficient. AI assistants are a natural extension of how we route people's requests, where machines can curate this endless data overload into manageable chunks to assist our decision making. If you have questions, happy to AMA :)
Everybody is talking about conversational commerce but to me, Kip is the first to propose an elegant workflow in Slack. I'm really interested to see if teams pick up the usage. @alyxmxe what was the inspiration behind Kip?
thanks @mvaragnat! We were inspired by match-3 games, and solving problems of choice-overload when developing our 3-choice layout. We imagined how Kip could "guide" the user through different possible choices similar a human sales person as they refined their search through conversation. You can read about our UX chat-as-commerce design process here:
Hey Kip team! Lots of us are building bots for Slack on the most basic and predictable use cases and here you are, with an idea that opens up the possibilities for many other applications! Well done, and as your helpful article on Medium ( which we've taken helpful notes from shows, you've really thought through and optimized the experience. As Slack becomes more known and used by people outside of strictly business purposes, I can see how Kip and conversational commerce in general can really bloom and encourage potentially greater Slack adoption across the board, providing yet another great value for its users. Nice work and looking forward to seeing how Kip grows and where it leads. Speaking of that, how do you see Kip evolving and what other directions/applications do you contemplate heading in?
Hey @akhanukov, thanks for reading our posts! We see Kip evolving beyond the workplace to unofficial "teams" like family, friends, schoolmates etc. The line between enterprise and consumer is getting more blurry, it's all about tailoring the product for the right type of experience. For instance, a care-giving parent has to manage the spousal needs and also needs of the children, Kip can help them manage the demands and ordering priorities to make home life much more efficient. In a school, Kip can assist teachers who need to order supplies for the class. Kip can calculate the needs of the students, the school admin budget and also how much the parents are giving per child into easily understandable information. For us, the most important aspect of AI is how it can augment human intelligence. AI assistants can help us collect information on a situation more quickly, asses the competing needs of individuals and come up with several scenarios where we choose the best course of action. Armed with more information, we can make better decisions not just for ourselves, but for our communities as well. I hope that helps! :)
@serial_milk Absolutely! It's exciting to see others think of all the endless possibilities. It surely helps me see past the limitations I may have set subconsciously. Once I saw how many random open Slack communities there were that addressed topics outside of the world we operate in, I'm convinced the sky is the limit! Good luck! See you on Slack!
@akhanukov thanks!! I think one of the key things we'll have to consider as bot-makers and developers is cross-platform messaging. Chat is inherently a narrowcast medium, and in order to be truly viral you need to be able to pass a message object from one platform to another. We're working on several solutions, so stay tuned :)