Kintegra Email Verifier

The most easy and real time email verifier

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Looks interesting, any chance there's an on-premise / API version available?
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@itai_neter It will be available in the next release.
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@steveharrry API or on-premise? We're looking for a possible tool to implement for our ESP/marketing automation product and this project might be a good fit.
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@itai_neter Will notify you.
Reported this hunt for spamming. Although I suppose the hunt isn't spam they spammed me and likely others to go check them out on Product Hunt so they'll "feel like our smart work paid for us".
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@sanjay I got a similar email and as far as I know I've never worked with them so not sure how they got my email as well.
@sacbookreviewer classic scrape and spam I'd imagine. I wouldn't trust anyone doing that.
The very first email verifier in your budget! - Try it Now ! Highlights: Easy To Use . 140K Free Credits . 98% Deliverability . 14 Days FREE Trial Period . More about this simple email verifier: The email verifier tool can be used to validate or verify email ids, thus ensuring that any email that you send out will be delivered, rather than bouncing back. The tool brings the import section, under which you can now verify bulk emails too. The email verification is expected to be about 98% accurate. Kintegra email verifier extracts the MX records from the email address and connect to mail server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox really exist for that user/address. It verifies more than 3 Million emails per month.
That thumbnail tho 😂
@lamaalrajih Since this is a side project for us, We are spending time on features.