World's smartest thermometer

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Was about to order one but this scared me off: Really should move to BT or Wifi like most health devices, plugging into the headphone jack is not only an extra step but as the article states above error prone.
@averyj Hey James, Qian Qian here from @Kinsa. One quick note: If you're specifically worried about the iPhone 6 & 6+, our fix takes care of the problem & will ship with any new product. Now to address your latter point: we hear your concerns and so I wanted to explain briefly why we specifically chose to connect via the headphone jack. 1) It allows us to be ultra low cost, accessible to everybody, and one of the only connected health products under $50 (even the cheapest BLE module is often 10x more expensive than a TRRS plug), 2) The headphone jack is ubiquitous across devices, including cheaper & older models, 3) It allows for an elegant & comfortable design. Here's a great article from Fast Co Labs that explains our rationale: Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!
Pretty slick