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Hey Everyone, For next 48 hours, use code PRODUCTHUNT to get early access and 50% off lifetime of personal or developer licenses.
Thanks for the promo, @noahkagan, @antonsepetov, and team. Although it hasn't really launched publicly, do you have some examples and results to share? I can imagine this working well for certain audiences.
Looks slick...much cheaper than Wildfire. Does it track referrals/shares per user?
@noahkagan Does the "powered by KingSumo" disappear? I'd hope as you buy it you have the ability to turn it off. Also, where are the results saved? Wish there was more detail on the page about the product...
@andrewchen @charlesforman @natedesmond @brackin @akad @gabsong Love to hear your guys thoughts on Giveaways
@noahkagan I used giveaways about a year ago to build leads for a subscription product. We targeted college students, and giveaways were amazing at converting clicks from Reddit into email subscribers and potential customers. You can also drive a large volume of low quality leads by posting on the many giveaway sites available - it doesn't drive quality leads, but it does build the numbers. :)