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KingSumo 2.0 is a beautiful and easy-to-use free web app to run viral giveaways.

Redesigned from the ground up, the new version of KingSumo will help you grow your email list and get more customers.

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  • Zoli GeroOwner, Bizdev

    one-time fee was the only pro


    sold me as lifetime, changed model to saas + lots of crappy leads

    I organized 4 giveaways, Vyper, Kingsumo, Upviral,Viralloops. The one and only PRO of Kingsumo was the one-time fee and no-recurring monthy fee. Less than 35% if subscribers opens my emails - and usually my CLICK rate is over 40%+.

    Maybe it's worth it when you sell something for lifetime then you change the model. just like Kingsumo is doing now... Beside that, lots of freeloader crappy leads, lack of positioning. This entire model sucks, lots of hype and doesn't provide value.

    Zoli Gero has used this product for one year.
  • Etienne JuneauExercise scientist, founder, dreamer

    Same as previous version (Wordpress plugin with 1-time payment)


    Now monthly payments (SaaS model)

    I bought the lifetime license 3 months back. Are they going to charge me monthly now to get the new features? Feels like a bad deal.

    Etienne Juneau has used this product for one month.


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Michael Folling@michaelfolling · Founder/CEO
I guess that's fair they'll keep supporting the plugin if we don't want to pay for the SaaS version. I'm disappointed that they would position the new version as "free for you as an existing customer" when there's absolutely no additional benefit to being an existing customer. They should just say it's free for everyone.
Etienne Juneau@etiennej · Exercise scientist, founder, dreamer
@michaelfolling Same thought here lol, that's just misleading and bad marketing. Way to alienate your customers guys, well done!
noah kaganHunterHiring@noahkagan · Chief Sumo,
@michaelfolling Hey Michael. We are a work in progress. Thanks for the feedback.
noah kaganHunterHiring@noahkagan · Chief Sumo,
@michaelfolling @etiennej Did not mean to mislead at all. Just should have said we added a web version. I want to thank the guys who sweated to make this for people. Hope you like it and love any feedback on the product itself.
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
Noah, if the plugin is going to a saas model, what happens to all the lifetime plugin owners?
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
@noahkagan will lifetime users get access to the paid web app or only free access?
Etienne Juneau@etiennej · Exercise scientist, founder, dreamer
@noahkagan @scottwyden Same question here. Will lifetime users get access to the paid web app or only free access (that everyone has anyway?)
noah kaganHunterHiring@noahkagan · Chief Sumo,
@scottwyden hey Scott. There is no real benefit to paid as we gave all the features for free. Some people want no branding and to fully customize the giveaway so you'll always have lifetime access to the plugin. We are evaluating pricing. Love all comments. The team worked hard so want to thank them!
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
@noahkagan The custom branding is a major selling point of the WP plugin. You're forcing people to pay for it again if they plan on switching to the saas system. My recommendation would give lifetime WP plugin users access to the same thing in the saas system.
noah kaganHunterHiring@noahkagan · Chief Sumo,
@scottwyden Morning Scott. Email me and I'll take care of you. I get both sides. But its kinda like saying if you buy 1 thing from a company then any future thing should be given? What do you recommend? I'd like your input.
Devin Rajaram@devinrajaram · Partner (UI, UX & CRO),
Link returns a 404 error :/
noah kaganHunterHiring@noahkagan · Chief Sumo,
@devinrajaram Is it working now Devin?
Cristian Espinoza@crisgarner · Founder @
I like the new version, Is really accesible to startups or people with limited budget, other similar products are expensive.
Nachum Kligman@kligman · Co-Founder
When I started my podcast I was looking for a tool that could help me get traction and KingSumo was that tool! Often when interviewing people I would ask them to for a giveaway I could use for my listeners and having KingSumo was the perfect way to run my giveaways and grow my podcast. Looking forward to using this new version!