Kingdom Rush

The greatest tower defence game

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This is one of my all time favourite games for iOS. The graphics, animations and sounds make it a cut above the rest of the tower defence games.
@imsctt Glad you liked the game. It's been an amazing ride since the first release of Kingdom Rush. ^_^
@laktarsis I've been a fan from the first release to the last :D Is Origins the final instalment of Kingdom Rush...or can we expect to see a 4th game? I hope so!
@imsctt I think it's safe to say that you should totally keep your hopes up. ;)
@laktarsis Great! if you need any Beta testers at any point I'd love to help :D
This game is awesooooome! just a pitty it doesn't have cloud save =( when I changed devices I lost all progress... it was an excuse to get KR origins instead =)
@fkrauss yea it's a shame it doesn't have cloud actually made me complete it multiple times though on my iPhone and then iPad (yes I paid for both version haha) I much prefer the types of towers in the first 2 games compared to the latest KR Origins.
@fkrauss You are absolutely right. Cloud Saves should be a part of the game experience on Android. We have some technological barriers to get it done.