Kinetise 2.0

Drag and drop dev platform for custom mobile apps

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I use Kinetise for all my projects and with source code it just got way better.
looks like a cool and fast way to build mobile apps!
Hey guys, thanks for the Hunting! I really appreciate it. We’ve been building Kinetise for 5 years and we’re finally ready to take it to the next level. Our drag-and-drop product now outputs native source code that can be edited in Android or iOS dev tools. We wanted to pull out all the stops and make it easy for you to avoid lock-in when it comes to your big and small projects. Wondering if we can do X or Y? Just ask. We are ready to help.
So I don't get the whole monthly cost. I see this on other similar tools too. Are they serving the app to customers or just to you? If only to you and the premise is hey we let you actually build and take it with you, shouldn't the pricing be more representative of that ?
@hgottfried you can edit and deploy using their platform and then take your code for $1499
Hello, i am just trying to contact Kinetise without sucess(few emails sent and no feedback)? Any idea? Is there a community of users somewhere for technical support? Thanks