Affordable and trusted local childcare for busy parents

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Nice find. As a parent, it's an interesting emotional hurdle to overcome when it comes to finding someone to care for your kids. I'm curious what the overall UX is with Kindy and how they overcome that.
Hey everyone, Kristian from Kindy here. We are very excited to be featured on Product Hunt :). We are a new product and are currently only available in Australia . If you are outside of Australia and want to find out more about our app, have a look at this page Childcare is a very interesting space, trust is such an important factor and it goes both ways, the carers need to be trustworthy and so do the parents. It has been a very interesting product to work on from a UX and product perspective. The balance of keeping the product really clean and simple, while adding features that build/verify trust. We do plan on rolling out our product outside of Australia, but in a methodical approach that focuses on building trusted communities. We are also about to release a major update to the app and the landing pages so keep an eye out for them :)
Oh yes! This looks awesome. Currently only available in Australia. Hope it becomes available in other countries soon.
I'm in, if it comes to UK. Definitely fills a need
Is there any similar service which is Europe oriented?