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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Nathan, the founder of Kindrd. I'll be here all day (across 3 timezones!) to answer any questions you may have. Kindrd was born out of a long lasting dissatisfaction with discovery engines. For me the recommendations were too often very obvious, or plain wrong. On top of that, the idea of using algorithms to try predict something as human as our taste in music, film etc. never sat well with me. So I decided to try and make something better. Hopefully Kindrd will become somewhere you can come to receive smarter, more interesting recommendations, as well as a place you can share you're knowledge with other passionate people.
Awesome product. Only 1 thing I would change is the initial suggestions, as I don't relate to any of them. Might just be me though!
@alexgilmore0811 Thanks, Alex. That's a fair point. The initial suggestion are a some of the items on kindrd with the most Links around them. They are there to help users explore the site while we're still in the early stages of content building. Eventually they'll be swapped out for something more personal to each user.
Back to the basics of internet, the link :) Can't contribute because I have no facebook account, but you can link "2001: A space odyssey" to "Arthur C. Clarke", as he is (often forgotten) co-author.
@oelmekki Sorry, we will be adding classic email signup soon. Thanks for the Link, i'll add it myself.
@nathanjamal That's ok, we must be very few not to have a fb account ;)
Nice. I really like the idea of making recommendations via links between things. That's how I've discovered some of my favorite stuff. (e.g. Band A says that Band B was a huge inspiration) I agree with @alexgilmore0811 that the initial suggestions weren't a great match for me. Are you guys pulling any Likes from Facebook when users sign up? Any plans to pull data from other services as a fast way to build up the initial list of likes? (books read and rated 3+ stars from Goodreads, liked music from Spotify or, etc)
@mattfogel Hey Matt. Thanks for the <3 and suggestion. Yep, Facebook Likes on signup is definitely in the pipeline. Great Links BTW!