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Hi Everyone! I'm Igor, CEO of Kindly Care. Just wanted to thank everyone for posting and upvoting us. Here's also a quick summary of what we're trying to achieve with our peer-to-peer care management platform. Generally speaking, you can hire caregivers for your elderly loved ones in two ways - through an agency or directly. Agencies are great but very expensive and not everyone can afford them. So if you decide to work with your caregiver directly, you quickly find out that none of the infrastructure that we're used to for managing office employees exists for managing your domestic employees (and yes, your caregiver is classified by the Dept. of Labor as a W-2 employee and not a 1099 contractor). There is no easy way to set up payroll and insurance, run a background check, pay quarterly taxes and file year-end paperwork, schedule shifts, track hours, etc. So we built an entire suite of tools that helps families take care of sourcing caregivers, manage their caregivers on a daily basis (scheduling, reporting, messaging, etc), and we also take care of all administrative aspects of the W-2 employment and compliance. As a result, families now enjoy some of the same benefits they get from working with agencies without having to pay nearly as much. Please let me know if there are any areas I can dive into in more detail!
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"Kindly Care is the best way to find and manage in-home caregivers. They specialize in non-medical home care for the elderly and disabled that require a little extra help cleaning the house, cooking meals, maintaining hygiene, or simply a companion to keep them engaged - both physically and mentally. Kindly Care offers its clients and caregivers an unprecedented level of communication and transparency through their mobile apps."
Think this is a problem that needs solving but there will be LOTS of quality issues to address here... caregiving has its own hurdles as it is, so this co will likely have to approach everything perfectly. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
@bentossell Definitely agree with you that caregiving is a difficult service to get right - from sourcing caregivers to daily management, compliance, etc. Not to mention the criticality of the service - people's lives depend on it. But it's also true that you rise to the challenge, and that's what makes all the hard work so worth it.
@ilebovic yeh the issue I have is that even the NHS (in the UK) have all these hurdles and training etc to get 'the best' caregivers.... yet you still hear of the worst type of people ever, get through and do horrible things to people in need. To me... (for personal reasons and much much more)... ONE slip-up would ruin everything. a 'slip-up' in this scenario would'nt even be acceptable EVER. So this is the issue (I have) here... the government health service can't get it right with all their funding so I'd be very aware of a private company trying to tackle it. 1000000% I want someone to solve it. but all these little issues will come up, without doubt.
What a great product to see on PH, especially on a Sunday while spending time with family.
@rickyyean Working on Kindly Care has definitely reshaped my thinking about the role and value that my own family plays in my life. Life is fragile.
Love it dude. Keep up the great work.