Kindle Voyage

300 ppi display, reimagined page turns, adaptive front light

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Sean DevlinBizDev @
To me, the beauty of the Kindle was the price and the simplicity. I love that I can throw my Paperwhite in my backpack, head to the beach, leave it in the sun, read with soaking wet hands, and not really be concerned about destroying it. My last one lasted me about 18mo before I dropped it down a flight of stairs and cracked the screen. At $100, I ordered another one before I had gone home.
Miles Matthias
Builder @ Stripe
I want to see a gif of that page turning action. I'm shocked it's not on that page...
Tanner Christensen
Head of Design at
@miles_matthias I was hoping the video would show a preview of the device in action, but it was all CGI effects and nothing showing the Kindle being used. Weird.
Chris Thorne
Product Manager, The Trade Desk
The display looks amazing (300ppi), but kind of pricey at $200. Also, looks like the battery life is slightly shorter at 6 weeks (versus 8 weeks for the Paperwhite).
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@cpwt I agree on the price. I have a nook now. Kind of hoping it will break so I have an excuse to buy this. If it were maybe... $120, I don't think I'd feel that way.
Ben CherryEngineer, Pushd
I've been using a regular low-end kindle for a few years now. I've been considering an upgrade to a paperwhite, but this thing has really got me thinking... I agree with others that my favorite feature of my kindle is that it's practically indestructible, and so inexpensive that I never worry about it.
Some Guy
Head Of Winging It, Denarri
I can find a current gen Nexus 7 tablet for less than the price of this, come on Amazon. Really dropping the ball lately when it comes to pricing, which is weird considering they are known for cheap hardware and making profit off the content.
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