Kindle Robot

Send books to Kindle via a Telegram bot 📚🤖

Kindle Robot is the simplest way to send books to your Kindle.

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Cute, I use an app that converts epub to mobi and then emails it to my kindle email from my personal email. Does this also convert or not?
@anna_0x what is the name of this app ?? 🙏🏼
@anna_0x no, it's doesn't convert
@rrrrobi it's called "eBooker" (Android app) I used to do it with Calibre on desktop but this replaced it for me!
@ilzheev Thanks for the reply!
can you guys please make Pocket-Kindle syncronizer? pleeeease!
@ksaitor What all features you want in the Pocket-Kindle synchronizer?
@iamaayushij When you save to Pocket - it should be synced to Kindle, with no duplicates. That's it. :)
@afallon02 yeah… p2k barely worked for me
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I would like to contribute with e-pub conversion feature, if your project is open for pull requests.