Share, save and spread kindness, gratitude and happiness

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Bryony Schwan
Bryony SchwanMaker@biomimicrybryon · CEO Kindkudos
So excited to see Kindkudos up here. My vision for this app is really to spread kindness and gratitude and to help everyone keep their most meaningful messages of love and appreciation right in the back pockets so you can tap into them everyday and feel good. Always welcome suggestions for making the app better. Would love to hear from you.
Colin Mangham
Colin Mangham@colinmangham
Once I started getting and giving more kudos I began to totally "get it" -- now I see why others I know really love this. It builds and builds. They say the more you give the more you get. This is proof. Great app!
Nathan Stephens
Nathan Stephens@groundswellzoo · Owner, Groundswell Media Productions
Beautiful and simple design. Hope to see it available on iPad and maybe see it tap into iMessage features too.
Rod Austin
Rod Austin@webtech · Growth Marketing
Great way to share and save positive messages for both personal and business applications.
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.@leasemolina · Tech & music for life. Boring Attorney.
Wonderful idea. I go out of my way to read and send these types of messages everyday. But most people don't.