Daily tips/reminders for preschool parents preparing for K!

We get it! You’re busy! We’re here to help!

Get tips and activities from a kindergarten teacher!

With quick and easy daily notifications for a full year, we remind you to count those stairs, go on hunts for shapes and talk about letters during your busy day. Little to no materials are required. You got this!

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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi @laura1 thanks for sharing KinderReady. Did you make this app or are you a user? Curious as to how the activities are picked and if they're designed to improve in complexity as the year goes on, or more as a reminder to do fun and educational activities that you maybe didn't already think of as a busy parent.
Teacher by day. App developer by night.
@ems_hodge Hello! Thanks for the message. I made the app and I'm a credentialed teacher. The tips do get a little harder as the year goes on and many are designed to help students be familiar with common core standards that they will encounter in K. Ideally it would be perfect if a child could start the app one year before kindergarten, but it certainly doesn't need to be. Some tips are things most parents would know, so in a sense they are more just of a reminder. But it's been my experience in 19 years of teaching that most parents don't know what to do. It's totally understandable - they haven't been in K themselves in 30 years, they didn't go to graduate school for education, they don't have time to research, are working 2 jobs, etc. So many tips might be things someone might not think of. For example, all parents know to read nightly to their child, but many are surprised to learn that they should read with their finger. Every year I get several students who don't know that we read from left to right because their parents never modeled it. It's not something I can just mention in a lesson, it needs to be modeled over and over until it becomes second nature.
Great App we use it with the grandkids!