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Hassan May Riggs
Hassan May Riggs@hassanriggs · Founder, Smart Alto
@hnvcam My cousin (mid-50s) uses Life360 (a similar app) to know when her husband leaves work so she can start making dinner. My brothers and sisters track me to know what part of the world I'm in - then harass me for not telling them I was ok travel. @vineet_dixit I'm wondering how this is different than Life360?
Vineet Dixit
Vineet DixitMaker@vineet_dixit · Founder at Kin
@hassanriggs On Life360, participants share location with each other round-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days and only way to stop sharing your location is to un-install the app. On Kin, you share location on your own terms. You can create different group maps with different group of people. And within each group, you share your location only when you want to. For example, I can share my location with the family group round-the-clock. But I share my location with my hiking group only on Sundays. Life360 has only 2 free places and any more places requires you to sign up for premium plans. Kin supports unlimited places for free. Your typical family needs lot more than 2 places they want to use. For example home, school, office, gym etc. And we feel that it's important to give that power to our users at no cost. Location tracking on Kin is real time. You can get location updates in seconds, not in minutes. Kin connects not just families together, but connects families to the rest of their world.
Shauli Daon
Shauli Daon@shauli_daon · Founder at
This niche is certainly in need of better products, and this one may be it.
Vineet Dixit
Vineet DixitMaker@vineet_dixit · Founder at Kin
Hey Product Hunt! Kin is on the App Store now with support for group maps and places. Keep your family connected on a family map or create group map for any event and put your friends on it.
Vineet Dixit
Vineet DixitMaker@vineet_dixit · Founder at Kin
Folks, I am available for AMA so please ask questions and share your thoughts on Kin.
Hoang Nguyen Vi Cam
Hoang Nguyen Vi Cam@hnvcam · Founder of
Is this a kind of gps tracking for the group? If yes, what is the purpose of using this? I only see the same need from parents to track their kids.
Vineet Dixit
Vineet DixitMaker@vineet_dixit · Founder at Kin
@hnvcam Thanks for your question. Kin simplifies meeting of people in the physical world. You can quickly create a group map and temporarily share location on it. For example, Meeting group of friends for movie? Planning a hike? Just create a group map and stop wondering where everyone is. While parents use Kin to track their families, we see Kin being used in lots of other situations. It is used by logistics companies to track their vehicles. School buses and college campus shuttles use Kin for sharing their trip. Cab companies use Kin to meet their riders. Emergency response teams use it for coordinate with each other.