Kimunji Keyboard

Free Kim Jong-Un emoji keyboard for iPhone

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There’s a new set of Kimojis taking the internet by storm, but they’re not for a Kardashian. Why do we give these empty personalities so much attention? Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate our “supreme leaders.” Kimunji is a mirror held up to society, making people evaluate who they give their attention to when more important things are happening in the world. Kimunji started off as a joke, became a social experiment, and now has turned into an app. The Kimunji Keyboard app is a collaboration between Tiny Hearts Studio (makers of Next Emoji Keyboard also on Product Hunt today:, and myself, the Kimunji keyboard was made. Now we want to get Kimunji into the hands of the people, and make a statement that resonates with the masses.
We had a lot of fun collaborating with @bengillin on the Kimunji app! I first came across his sticker set when he posted it on PH and it blew up on the internet. We connected over twitter and it was pretty obvious we were on the same page in terms of the humorous message behind his art. This app gave us the opportunity to experiment with using a product to comment on the state of society and the App Store in general.
@bengillin This is everything that is right with emojis.
well hot damn! good timing on this on both a media and entertainment stand point 👊💯
@markjharvey thanks! Hope you enjoy! :)
Let's just hope the hermit kingdom doesn't catch wind of this slight 😂😂😂