Fancy plain text organizer and antisocial network

Kimonote is a minimalist note organizer and blogging platform.

Ever wasted time setting up links between your blog posts from the same series? Now you don't have to.

Ever wanted to follow just some content from a user, not all of it? Now you can.

Ever been frustrated that a page with a hundred words of text weighs 1 MB? Now you won't be.

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Brilliant šŸ˜„ simplicity, reminds me of Would be great to hear more its aim and direction.
@hellotom Thanks! Yeah, I was inspired by Maciej's talks on website obesity and simplicity -- and I rewatch "Barely Succeed" (
) way too often! I think there are several directions this could go in: * organizing and autotagging private notes: I actually started this because I wanted to run LDA (a natural language processing algorithm used to discover topics some text is about) on my diary that I kept in a private wiki to autotag it -- and then realised that I wouldn't have a nice way to actually navigate around tagged content. * something like a message broker for the web: I'm intending to write some importers (like RSS/Twitter/Facebook/email/Tumblr etc) which in conjunction with autotagging and the ability to subscribe to multiple tags at once would mean people would be able to create their own custom newsletters. So, for example, instead of checking my RSS reader, Twitter and news websites several times a day (pull) I would get a digest emailed to me every morning (push) -- and perhaps for slower-updating things I would get a weekly digest instead.
@mildbyte Brilliant. Thank you. He's clearly enjoying himself ;)
@mildbyte Sounds exciting! Like your thinking.