Consumer Research Platform for busy marketers

Kimola is a data analytics company that helps brands, research companies and advertising agencies to understand consumer behavior, lifestyle and trends deeper and faster for their marketing decisions.
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Hi everyone, we’re so excited to launch here today! Kimola is a data analytics company working with a passion for linguistics to understand consumer behaviors. Our journey started as a search algorithm at Microsoft Innovation Center in 2014, and since then, we have been creating products to analyze the lifestyle of consumers through their digital texts and social media behaviors. Our Consumer Research Platform profiles people on social media anonymously and creates an audience by their behaviors for each research. Here is what you can learn about an audience using our Consumer Research Platform: * Demographics * Interests * Most Engaged Brands & Sectors * Most Engaged TV Shows & Genres * Most Engaged Radio Shows * Most Engaged News & Media Platforms * Most Engaged Influencers * Most Engaged Celebrities We already started to work on a new user onboarding experience but I'll be more than happy to hear your ideas for this version. I'm COO of Kimola and i'm looking forward for your feedbacks! Cheers!
Great job to the Kimola team, the product looks great!
@conradegusa Thank you Conrad!