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A new app from Kim Kardashian... Maybe I'm one of the few people who thinks she's underappreciated. She knows how to extend her brand in ways that her fans appreciate.
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@erictwillis Agreed, I think she is hugely underappreciated. She is constantly doing new and interesting things.
@jgcatalano you guys think this is her coming up with these ideas?
@thejeremycarson @erictwillis at the very least, she's great at hiring. good leaders know how to delegate.
@thejeremycarson @erictwillis I doubt it is her, but she has to be given credit for hiring great people and trusting them. Her people get modern tech when so many celebs swing and miss. I honestly can't think of another celebrity that is more on top of monetizing their brand via modern technologies.
@gernerpsu @thejeremycarson i'm always curious why folks are so quick to say it's "not her"? i think she's a lot smarter than folks give her credit for. have you seen her interview with Kara Swisher?
This is everything that is wrong with the internet
But it's still Kim Kardashian... haha
How the hell is this on PH ? Seriously...
Now where is the vote down button?