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Joe Kerns@josephkerns · Co-founder, Roundview
Love this! Congrats guys! Would love to hear the story behind it - we are always looking for cool reading product @roundview!
Shri Ganeshram@shriganeshram · VP of Engineering @ Eaze,
@josephkerns @roundview Let me know how we can make this even better for you, Joe!
Joe Kerns@josephkerns · Co-founder, Roundview
@shriganeshram @josephkerns @roundview send me a note at joe -at- roundview -dot- co. would love to chat about ideas! (we know pratap and zoe very well!)
Shri Ganeshram@shriganeshram · VP of Engineering @ Eaze,
Hey everyone, I work at Kimono Labs and I'd appreciate any and all feedback (definitely a lot of work to do/features to add) as well as help building the reader to be better (it's open source). I also wanted to mention that Kimono is excited about this project and is offering a 1 BTC bounty for the best PR between now and the end of Thanksgiving day weekend. Cheers!