Use your smartphone camera without disturbing the crowd

Kimd is an app created especially for concerts. It allows you to take photos and videos without being that annoying person with the “bigger than bigger“ iPhone 6 Plus glowing like crazy in everyone’s face. It’s free, super dark, gluten-free* and has no flash.

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We've all been that guy/gal at the concert, blinding people behind us with our phone illumination.
There could be other sneaky use cases too, theatre, cinema etc etc etc...
@thomhuxtable About theaters we believe that people should respect the etiquette. We created Kimd in order to make concert halls a better place but I'm sure people will find other ways to use it :)
@thomhuxtable also for when Jesus comes back. 1 min 25 in:
@eriktorenberg Perfect video :')
Oh hai! :)
Go @syswarren! Long time PH contributor
@nbashaw Thanks Nathan!
Thanks @thomhuxtable for posting Kimd. Here is a few words about the project We're a team of 4 friends working on it during weekends. It was just for fun and things are getting a little bit more serious recently. (Feeling like I'm talking about a relationship here) For people wondering how it works, here is a little illustration: :) (no goat this time, sorry @rrhoover) Basically, we change your brightness settings and because it's not enough we add a special layer over the camera. It doesn't alter the quality of pictures/videos :)
@syswarren that's cool and all but really??? No goats? (inside jokes that no one else understands)