Killer Queen

World's only 10-player arcade strategy game

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I played this at Twilio's Signal Conference; it's a lot of fun!
I played this machine at one of NYU's game jams. I started out as a curious sideliner, and within minutes I was playing as the "queen," shouting strategy to our mates and convincing onlookers to join our team when we lost a member. The game is 5 on 5 with a super powered "queen" player in the center of each side. There are three objectives which can be carried out by any member of the team. The other two are task based; collecting objects and maintaining control over a point on the map. The queen is the only player with a limited amount of lives (3) and "killing the queen" is one of the three objectives you can complete to win the game.
I am literally 10 feet from a cabinet right now. (Yay Ground Kontrol!) I've only played it in freeplay, and it was pretty awesome. Depending heavily on your team, though. I was a little confused how pricing was set up, felt expensive, so I haven't played it here yet. But hey, people are being *very* loud playing it right now, so that's a vote of confidence!
@hupfen you live in Portland!? I love Ground Kontrol. Our office was a few blocks away when I lived there.
@rrhoover Yep :) Moved here two years ago and already the city is changing a ton. Much of it's good (lots of growth and modernization) but there's rough spots (character and mainstays like Besaw's getting pushed out). The day Ground Kontrol gets hit is the day I lose faith in the city.