Killed for Food

See how many animals are killed for food per second

Killed for Food shows you the number of animals killed per second by humans for food. Wait till you see the chickens.
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I am now vegan.
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We just out here tryna say something about humans and the earth. We only got one. ☝🏽 STOP EATING MEAT U CARBON UNNEUTRAL TURDS Love, DK, Erica, & Matt
@dkthehuman but didn't God put animals on Earth for us to eat?
@davefontenot Maybe God put humans on Earth for us to eat each other? Maybe God put stones on Earth for us to eat? If the sole reason for the existence of anything on this planet is so that God can watch us eat it then I am not sure this whole planet makes a whole lot of sense
What sick fuck had the idea to add the funny tag to this?
@sirnovi Hey Philipp I've removed this.
The chickens tho 😭
Amazing ! Good job