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I was curious: It appears to route gaming traffic through an optimized tunnel (à la VPN) to their servers and from there to the game servers. They also forward your IP address to avoid bans. I'm not sure how this would help pings, however: If your connection is congested, routing gaming traffic through a third-party would seem to increase the number of hops. That being said, it appears they've figured it out. I'll have to give it a try. No mention of pricing pre-download is kinda shady, though. Edit: It's worth noting this warning from /u/TheNoNa on reddit: "No, I have not tried it. However their marketing is beyond sketchy. I had a fairly long discussion with one of their selfproclaimed guys here on reddit. Every other post he worked for them every other guy he was just another user awed by the great performance of their product. They won't give out the slightest hint of who's behind it or the technical specs of it. Their homepage is changed since then - it was even worse at the time which was one of my complaints - but it's still completely void of any relevant information but with a TON of marketing bullshit. I wouldn't go near them given how poorly they present their product and how sketchy they manage to make everything look. A god hint that something is off is the part where the link to the company in the bottom of their page doesn't actually lead to anything. There's not a single address, name or contact information(rather than a submission form). That's not typical for a trustworthy company, and I do want to trust a company that's going to handle all my data - especially given how eager they are about it." -
@jadojodo Hello Jordan! Thank you for showing interest in Kill Ping. You are right about the fact that when we add another service in between we increase the number of hops. But with Kill Ping, the user just not only bypass all the clutter and traffic of a normal connection but it also skips the hops. Because once the user connects with our server, they are directly connected to the game server through optimized and minimized number of hops compared to a normal ISP. The pricing is not mentioned because we are running the BETA for this app, which is open for Public and free of cost. The final paid version will be released soon. Yes, the homepage has been revamped from a single pager to a proper website because in the start it was work in progress. Plus, we feel proud to enhance our application and the website based on the users feedback. For the company information, you can visit our About Us page (Here: to know about the company and who's behind it. To know about the different ways to contact Kill Ping, including the company address, email and social networks, please visit here: I hope this answers all your concerns. If you have any other query, please feel free to ask us.
@agzee Hello Aurangzeb, You say "it also skips the hops." and "they are directly connected to the game server through optimized and minimized number of hops compared to a normal ISP.", but I have yet to see anyone from KillPing explain the how behind this in any technical fashion. Specifically, one of the things I'm interested in understanding is how KillPing accomplishes this when the traffic originating from my computer to your server still *must* traverse the physical network topology of my ISP before reaching you, all while 'maintaining my public IP Address". I'm not aware of any networking technology that does both of these things as described. Could you explain more, keeping in mind that your future potential user base would be largely comprised of technically-inclined people like myself and @JadoJodo, this would go a long way in helping us not only understand but trust that your product is effective and safe to send our traffic over.
@brodie7838 Good question Brodie. That is where our server placement plays a vital role. We have placed about 100 servers worldwide and we keep adding more servers near to our users based on their feedback and our data analysis. For example, a gamer living in Philippines, has a dedicated Manila server to cut down the distance from a normal ISP connection to our network. This is how the user is connected to our network and then to the game server. Same happens for our users in Mexico, Germany, Australia and other countries, as we have servers there as well. So, Kill Ping servers and their placement does the trick. We attempt to get our users on our network asap. Then our optimized network further enhances the connection to the game server. Plus, we are always striving to further expand our network and add more servers. I hope this answers your query. @jadojodo