Kik 11.0

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I still dont know people who use kik...
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@bentossell I don't either, I get the feeling it's most used by teenagers who don't use Whatsapp. I'm willing to give it a go on iPad, or wait a month until I get my new phone.
@ianmayman @bentossell Yea, I don't know anyone that uses either (Whatsapp / Kik)
@phostercreative @ianmayman which is the whole point ha.... I dont know Kik users but the majority of my messaging is through Whatsapp!
@bentossell you're too old. 40% of US teens and young adults apparently use Kik. They have 300M users!
@chrismessina yeah Im always blown away by user numbers! Cant believe im at the stage of my life where 'im too old' is becoming more and more common
I use kik. It's pretty fun and good messenger to communicate with friends and bots. This update looks very cool, Chris Messina!!
Looks like it Kik's turn for a refreshed look. Release notes from the latest version: Kik has a brand new look! We’ve made it more fun and easy to use, so you can spend less time hunting for photos and GIFs and more time chatting with friends and groups. Now you can: • Quickly find friends, start groups and discover bots with a "+" menu right on the main Kik page. • We made it easier to add your favorite photos, GIFs, and smileys while you’re chatting — they’re available right under the text field for easy access. • Organize your thoughts with redesigned chat bubbles. When you have a lot to say and send several messages a row, they’ll now group together.
No web/desktop access, no thank you!