The cleanest protein drink ever

Kiito is the cleanest protein drink ever. Plant-based, organic, superfood infused. Free from added sugar, dairy, soy, natural/artificial flavors, gluten, and gums. Comes in 3 flavors: Vanilla Ashwagandha, Chocolate Maca, and Matcha Moringa. Available now online nationwide.

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Where can I sample this before making a commitment?
@itzdlvry We'll be sampling all over at our Southern California retail accounts such as Erewhon, Bristol Farms, and Lassens. Come say hi if you're in the area! 😉
@kendalldreyer Would you be willing to send a sample if I paid postage?
Im only asking because I have IBD and my sensitivity list is long and this drink would be great to add in my diet.
Hi Matt! It's cheaper postage wise if you buy a case online vs. sending sample packs due to our fulfillment network. If you're interested in moving forward with a 12 pack, here's a 20% off code especially for you: MATTB20
Thanks for bringing more vegan products to life! Love the site as well.
@francoismat Thanks for the ❤️
I hope it's good. The brand direction is far too "LA chic" for my taste though
Where I can find list of countries you ship to? Thanks! I am looking information about delivering to Ukraine. Product looks neat! Good luck!
@rohov_dmytro Thanks Rohov! The product is only available to ship in the U.S. If you're ever in the states, we have nationwide fulfillment capabilities if you order through our website :)

Great for grab and go.

Nothing on the market completes with ingredients, macros, taste


Delicious and nutritious