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The ‘Surprise & Delight’ Engagement Platform

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Lots of folks who were looking to use Kiip realized that they didn't just need it for monetization - but mobile loyalty. But not the typical app-engagement which many think are notifications and messages. This is targeted less around push notifications but for big brands with utility apps (ordering apps, tracking apps, banking, m-commerce) - who want to integrate loyalty but mobile-first, using serendipitous rewards (sans points, liability free). The rewards can be anything - physical or virtual. We're very excited about this. As I mentioned in the TC article - it's the same technology with a different customer.
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@brian_wong I think this is a fantastic way to generate revenue for app makers, reward users, and improve the advertising company's brand recognition. My only exposure to Kiip so far has been within the Fitocracy app, and one thing I'd suggest is to save my email address after offering me a reward for the first time. Requiring me to enter it every time is inconvenient.
@ghobs91 @brian_wong I agree. This is a big pain point for me as well. We integrated this into one of our apps ( and requiring the user to input their email over and over again is annoying. I supposed I could hack my way around it in code, but you'd think the platform would support a remember function
@brian_wong Very cool! We have customers using our tshirt fulfillment api also for "surprise and delight" campaigns. How would I integrate with this?
@itsthisjustin @ghobs91 Totally agree. We are working to perfect this cross-apps at the moment, but it is on the developer to enable the auto-populate: they just need to set the user's email in an object property -
Congrats on the launch, @brian_wong! Coming from PlayHaven/mobile gaming, I've been following Kiip for a while. Over the past few years there seems to be a stronger market shift toward building services that increase engagement. The tricky thing is measuring the value of these tools vs. advertising/monetizable impressions that have an obvious ROI (e.g. $20 CPM). How are you measuring Kiip's value and the increase in engagement driven from your service?
@rrhoover We've been working on having cohort analysis on folks that have never been exposed to Kiip before and have within the app - and showing these results over time. You're right - monetization metrics are different than core value behind the tools. These also come from the brand's ability to measure LTV across the "mobile customer" and their "desktop customer" or their "brick and mortar customer" - and knowing who's the same person vs. a different person. In short, the ability to measure core value varies by brand and their customer's buying behavior.
One of the best app I have found in this category. Cheers to @Brian_wong !