Intelligent, safe search for kids

It’s not easy for a kid to find out what they looking at from the weird world of spams, advertisements, business sites, stocks etc. Kidly opt out all non-interesting web pages for your kids.

Not controlling, but educating! Apart from simply blocking adult keywords, Kidy blocks adult content and suggest webpages which give proper education.

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Looks like an interesting concept. My only concern is that the pinwheel icon might be suspicious looking to sensitive audiences.
How are you ensuring results are safe, filtering out inappropriate content for kids, @princejoseph?
@rrhoover When it comes to a kids search engine, It requires two things mainly: 1. Remove harmful content 2. Emphasize on kid related pages for their studies and entertainment. There are different filtering layers applied to Kidy 1. Google's SafeSearch filter which remove extreme porn and violence related pages. 2. High priority results are handpicked by our editors and we have higher weight for kid related websites. 3. Our system is based on Google AI framework which will learn user queries and improve itself. Even after the query is passed through Google's safe search, our system identifies explicit contents especially for kids and apply necessary steps.
Great idea. Best wishes with this project.
Very good web application for children. I recommend for everyone