Save your children’s calligraphy forever

We love our childrens and design. We've built an app to digitize our children's handwriting. You can download and install the font, create cards online with your typography and customize emotional gifts for friends and family.
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This is a dumpster fire of a launch haha. The product has one of THE worst names I've ever seen and the maker has zero desire to take that feedback. Why not just rename it to Pedosign while you're at it? pedo=kids, sign = design. Doesn't scream e-signatures for pedophiles at all...
@itsthisjustin Lol. Crying at this 😂
@itsthisjustin my fave comment so far 😂😂😂
Toni, homie, I think you'll have a LOT of unwanted traffic with a product name like that. 😂 Hope you catch my drift, and all the best!
@igoruphere Because the feedback, we think in something haha
I actually can't come up with a worse name... Please rename this.
@kolinkoehl Kolin, what happen if I add you 3 letters in your name. You will have a shit name too. “Kolshit”. Sorry but our name is: kid + typography. We don’t add “-RNO”... Please, change your name.
@isaac_leon_ You posted your product on a site to get exposure and feedback. Did you only want exposure and no feedback? If you wanted that just pay for ads...
Yes, feedback about product... still I’m waiting.
@isaac_leon_ The name is terrible. That is feedback on the product! It will confuse users and sounds inappropriate in the English language... Good luck succeeding when you go after users for providing feedback on your business.
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@isaac_leon Dude. Five different people commenting. All about the product name. On a site where you are asking for feedback. And you’re name calling now? Be respectful. If you’re putting a product out into the world you can’t be so precious about it. The name is bad. We all understand how you came up with the name, but it has terrible connotations.
@nathanfushia "ty"pography - "Kid"pography... people see a lot of porn... Nathan.
@isaac_leon_ Yeh like I said, we all get how you came up with the name 🤦🏻‍♂️ Little tip, when you ask for feedback and EVERYONE says the same thing, listen to the feedback.
@nathanfushia @deleted-1712429 Isaac. Relax. Now. Rename to "Kidography". Delete the P. The proudct is really cool.
The animated logo is great, the UI looks nice and clean and it’s a cute, sentimental idea. You’re going to get a lot of similar feedback about that name. And let’s be real here, your product isn’t actually about typography at all - it’s about handwriting. So why not brainstorm around that. I’ll get you started: Kidglyphics Kidscript Scrawl