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Upvote us if you or someone you know is a parent and wants a better way to discover kids activities! Hi Product Hunt! I'm the co-founder and CEO of KidPass. My co-founders and I built KidPass to help parents easily discover and book kids activities online. We launched in New York City, and have quickly grown to become the largest kids activity site in NYC with over 40,000 activities booked through our platform to date. With KidPass, you can: * Discover new kids activities and businesses in your neighborhood - choose from over 12 different categories including indoor playspaces, music, swimming, arts & crafts, museums, dance, and more. * Book activities using our website or iOS app. Simply book online and then show up. Avoid the hassle of making phone calls or filling out paper registration forms. * Save money with members-only pricing on activities - get 50% off of typical drop-in prices. * Attend exclusive classes that you can only find on KidPass - we work with partners to offer custom activities that are for KidPass members only. We'd love to hear what you think! If you have any questions, please let us know.
@solomonliou Hi Solomon. Over 2 years and looks like your Producthunt is still alive and well! Question for you: How can I stay in the know as you guys expand into new cities. My city is not offered at the moment. Thanks!
Awesome stuff! Are there any additional fees after you become a member?
@marian_zambrano Thanks! There are no additional fees. After you sign up for one of our plans (basic, family, or power), you'll receive a number of credits (10, 25, or 50). Our kids activities vary widely in credits. One one end of the spectrum, a Super Kickers Soccer class may cost you 2 credits. On the other end of the spectrum, an all-day camp at Art Farm may cost you 16 credits. This is why we went with the credits system -- so that you have the flexibility to book a wide range of kids activities. Credits roll-over for up to 3 months and additional credits can be purchased any time at $5 per credit.
I should also mention that the number of credits tied to your plan replenish on a monthly basis.
Hi Solomon, congrats on the success so far! I'm not in NY but know that there's another company attempting the same thing. How do you differentiate from Sawyer? As a mom, I love this concept. Actually had a startup with a similar idea in Singapore. ;)
Hi @casielane! There are several startups that have attempted to aggregate kids activities online, but we started KidPass because we didn't feel anything out there solved exactly what we were looking for as parents. Our vision with KidPass was to build a site that offered the most comprehensive list of kids activities, allowed for instant online bookings, and also offered a great deal for parents to try them out. At the end of the day, what's made us successful is that we've stayed true to this vision, and have worked closely with parents and businesses to build a thriving community in New York. Parents have emphasized that they love that we have the largest selection of kids activities online, while also offering great prices. For providers, they've told us that they love getting KidPass customers, so they offer exceptional deals in return. We view our providers as close partners, and for many of them, we are the only online booking platform that they use and we also work with them to develop new activities that are exclusive to KidPass members. It's still early for us and there is a lot more to do, but those are some of the reasons why we've done so well at serving our customers, partners, and the broader NYC parenting community. By the way, would love to hear your experience with doing your startup in Singapore!
Are all activities rated for age groups?
@gaurabc Thanks for the question. Yes, you can search our activities by age, category, and neighborhood. We also have prenatal activities for mothers-to-be. The more you book, the better our recommendations engine will be at giving you recommendations on your user dashboard, using age, category, location, and booking behavior as factors.
Hi @gaurabc! In addition to what Chhay mentioned, all of our activities include age ranges for participants if that's what you mean. You can view it on the details page for each activity. Hope that answers your question!