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Hi Everyone & thanks Ouriel for hunting us! I'm Eldad from KIDOZ ( and I'm thrilled to share what we've been developing for the last year. The KIDOZ SDK was created to fix the broken market for kids apps. Most developers are having a hard time making a living by creating kids apps, because monetizing them is nearly impossible unless they lure kids to purchase in-apps without their parents consent, or blast them with irrelevant ads. On the other hand, kids mobile usage is BOOMING and shouting for a fair business model. As a popular OS for kids, KIDOZ learned that kids are always looking for new content, including games and videos. On the other hand, many brands develop amazing educational and value added content that stays undiscovered, and buried under piles of apps. That’s where KIDOZ comes in. Our COPPA Compliant SDK provides content recommendations for kids within apps, and by combining sponsored recommendations we provide a revenue tool for developers, in a way that respects them and does not anger parents. Here are some of the unique features we developed: Fully customizable native units - your brand, your theme, all done on our side to keep your app pretty and your audience pleased. Non intrusive - kids engage only with content they like and choose to see 100% COPPA Compliant - a developer’s ticket into google’s “Designed for Families” section. Super easy integration for Android & iOS and the cross platforms Unity, Cocos2dx & Adobe AIR ( Expect to see an awesome Corona plugin in the next few weeks. If you have any questions you wish to send privately contact me directly at Let us know what you think! Thanks you for supporting. Eldad Ben-Tora
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Monetization and discovery are a real pain for kids friendly mobile apps. Unless Apple features you constantly (like Toca Boca) it is virtually impossible to buy targeted ads or use traditional ad networks. Good approach
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@ourielohayon True...most app developers state they make very little money from this segment, and consider moving away from the kids space, which is unfortunate for all...hope our solution will help them get compensated for their hard work.
I remember working with COPPA compliance when I worked at PlayHaven. Super laborious to deal with and often publishers we worked with would suppress ads entirely for that audience if they could identify them.
@rrhoover not easy. We use a certified COPPA auditor ( to ensure our compliance, and never track user behavior. This is why all ad networks are avoiding the segment or are under the risk of getting fined.
Wow, great idea!
@guy thank you Guy! Our next version will support instant video watching within the SDK, so we will send brands to create videos on Showbox and publish it to our network.
Thanks @guy, we think so too!
Fantastic product. Instead of junk apps being advertised on kids apps, here's a positive endeavor to push curated apps. Nice job Kido'z!!!