iOS App for young children to learn, play, create & explore

Kidoverse is based on different "sets":
- Educational sets (like Alphabet),
- Cognitive sets (like Animals),
- Musical instruments (like Piano)
- DJ sets where child can feel like a little DJ.
The collection of sets is constantly being replenished.
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Great for learning!
Hi Hunters! πŸ– I am the maker of the Kidoverse app. I want to tell you a bit of story behind the app. A while ago i, as most of parents, was trying to find some educational/entertaining apps for my 7 months old son. I have downloaded and purchased a lot of apps from AppStore for iPad, and to my disappointment none, most of them were not what i was looking for. And as i have mobile apps development background, i have decided to go with my own app. So meet the Kidoverse! πŸŽ‰ Kidoverse consists of Sets - separate playable interactive views related to some subject. For example, to get the idea, English alphabet set contains images of alphabet letters, and when we press on each letter it pronounce the letter with some visual effect on press. And there are different kind of sets - educational, musical instruments, DJ sets, some experimental sets and many more sets is coming soon, including Tales, Games, and other. Right now app is available only for iPad in English and Russian languages. iPhone compatibility comes this month. I am really interested in feedback, especially from ones who have kids πŸ‘Ά And so i will leave here 10 promo codes so you can download the app for free: Y9X69FK6NX73 49RF63NMJ7FA ALL6T339RKFM NEPN7REJR9PX 43T6XKKE4T3K 6PM4HA7PXTX7 XK3PYH7TTPE4 MA6NPHEXFMMJ F9PRKNLREW9R 9TTKLHLJ3X4R I will update list of available promo codes as they're redeemed.