Mobile marketplace for pre-loved children's products

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I covered this one! :) love the kids stuff stuff
@sarahintampa you rock!!! That was a great piece that officially launched us out of private beta :). And we've made a lot of great progress since then -- interested in talking about it? I'd love to fill you in on some deets.
Hi everyone, I'm Dug and I'm the Chief Executive KID Kidizen. Sooo, @jgulden beat out @ak310i eh? Either way, thanks for recommending us on Product Hunt!
Thanks for the kind words and up-votes! @saraintampa, that was such a great piece you wrote on Kidizen. @ozguralaz, always so nice when people appreciate the subtleties!
great app to find clothes for my little one! was just about to post it myself! how'd you beat me to it @jgulden
Haha I dunno, just a quick draw I guess! Glad to see it on the board... great product from a terrific team!