Turn sharing into savings for your children

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Open a private social savings account for your kids that lets you add small recurring payments into your kids fund, as well as invite grandparents, godparents, family and friends to gift small donations through your child's life. This seems like it could be the new savings bond kind of gift.
Hi all, I’m Tim, one of the makers of Kidfund. We’re very flattered and thrilled to be hunted! 😸 As Kristofer mentioned, we are helping parents save for their child’s future by making it easy to set up a savings account, set up recurring transfers, and invite friends and family to contribute to their long-term savings. This is especially powerful around birthdays and holidays. The ultimate goal is to increase the size of the fund over time. We are currently in beta and would like everyone in Product Hunt to be included. If you download our iOS app from this link, you’ll be in! We’re currently working on simplifying our onboarding, to cut the time it takes in half. Please let me know if you have any questions, or even better, feedback on how we can improve our product! Thanks!
Congrats on launching! What other features do you guys have planned on the roadmap for this market?
@charleyma great question and thanks! We'd like to make it a lot easier to add a checking account (using Plaid's technology) as well as additional funding source options. ACH is great because we can make it free for our users, but more instant payment methods like Credit/Debit payments would be great options. We also are working on deeper integrations with existing social networks, so Kidfund can work alongside them instead of in addition to. Lastly, we're planning which products will be available to Kidfund parents in addition to savings accounts. If anyone has any requests on what they would like to see, please let me know!
Signing up as we speak. Love the idea.
@vincentorleck Thanks! If you have any feedback would love to here it. Either here or if you are in the app, just shake your phone. Those come directly to me
@timothybroder def a little nervous putting A) financial info and B) my childs info all into an any further assurances you have are cool to share :)
@vincentorleck absolutely. Assuming you are referring to adding a funding source: the financial info goes directly to our payment provider, We never see it and just get a token back from them. As for Child info, only first name is required (so we can identify the account). All of the above data (child name and token) is encrypted using SSN and photo ID are required by our banking partner to assist in identifying you and open the savings account. We NEVER store those. We have firewall monitoring and intrusion detection provided by our secure host Does that help?
@timothybroder it does, and appreciate the follow up Tim :) Looking forward to building a little nest egg for my toddler starting now using the app.