App that augments kids videos with educational quizzes

kiddZtube is a teacher-curated video app that asks kids questions about what they are watching, transforming screen time into a safe, fun and educational experience.

Preschool kids work skills like spelling, counting, feelings, colors... while watching their favorite videos. Parents have full control of kids' viewing with a complete dashboard

  • Pros: 

    Allows kids to learn while playing, assures they only play with and watch content appropriated for their age.


    Only available in English (however this can easily become a pro once it also encourages kids to learn another language).

    This app can really entertain kids during a significant amount of time. Allows parents to multitask since they do not need to constantly be monitoring what their kids are doing.

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  • Sérgio Bessa
    Sérgio BessaCEO, Ideavity

    Children like answering the quizzes

    Quizzes contribute to the development of intellectual skills

    Possibility to limit watching time


    App is only available in english for now

    Recommend to any parent

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Have been following their products for a while, and love their mission to connect the digital world with the physical world, making technology a way to connect face to face and a real learning tool.
@themiguelamador Hi Miguel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! At Magikbee we are really keen to promote active fun and learning and our purpose is to deliver kids with the best possible solutions both for entertain and learn
It's great to see KiddZTube on Product Hunt. There is a big potential market for kid safety online. So many kids are allowed to roam free on YouTube and potentially come across adult content. Well done to the KiddZTube founders
@paul_s_kemp Hi Paul! Thanks for your feedback. Being parents of small kids gave us the opportunity to see the risks our kids face using open platforms and not having any kind of control. On the other hand we are making this fun content educational by asking kids about things they are watching, which reinforces learning in a safe and actually fun way.
kIddZtube is the first preschool video app that asks kids questions. We know that most parents have concerns about their kids' YouTube consumption because of the lack of control on their kids viewing content and also the lack of interactivity. On kiddZtube, kids’ favorite videos are turned into educational quizzes by real-life teachers. As kids watch cartoons or sing along to songs, kiddZtube asks them questions about what they are watching! All of the videos on the app are selected by kiddZtube's teachers, who also add in the questions, so you know your kids are in safe hands. Screen time is no longer passive – now kids get to watch their favorite videos while learning. There are four categories of videos children can choose from: Songs, Learning, Cartoons and Stories. At the end of each video there are questions that are read aloud. Kids answer using four colored stars and emojis. Types of questions: - Counting - Spelling - Recognizing location - Recognizing emotions - Recognizing activities Parents can control the amount of time kids spend on the app. An added bonus is that mom and dad can monitor the app analytics to track their child's progress and video preferences.
@ems_hodge Hi Emily! Any thoughts on this product?
New innovative and fantastic APP for kids. In a time when kids are more and more connected to the digital world, it is of the utmost importance that we make sure they have access to appropriate content and that they can benefit from it. Meet KiddZtube, the APP for kids thought of by parents.
@piuza21 thanks Joana for your kind feedback! KiddZtube is thought Andrade by parents and teachers and that's why is good to use either at home or school.