Kiddie Kredit

Teach kids the importance of credit through chore completion

Kiddie Kredit is an app designed to teach families the importance of credit. As a mobile chore tracking platform that assigns a "Kredit" score based on how well your child completes their activities, it’s the best way to empower families with real life skills.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
This is a great idea. Taking the concept of chores to the modern world. I know some have spoken against chores in the past, but they really did well for teaching me the value of a $
Great product and awesome way to teach kids about credit at an early age! I wish I learned about credit at a young age. :)
I don't have kids myself yet but I would use this if I did and I wish I had it when I was growing up. Learning about credit and financials in general is so important!
Dope concept!
The concept for this app came into my head over 5 years ago so to finally see this idea become a reality is truly a dream come true. It's my belief that if we arm kids with the knowledge of how credit works conceptually at a young age they won't fall into the pitfalls of debt that so many of us did, I include myself in that statement. I'm very thankful to my team for helping this project come to fruition and this is only the 1.0 version of our app as we have many enhancements soon to come. Hope you all enjoy and let us know your thoughts! Peace and love!