Simple preschool admissions for parents

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Tristan Pollock
Community + EIR at 500 Startups
Very helpful tool for parents to get their kids into the best early-learning schools.
Founder @
This is such a needed service! If you don't have kids or haven't needed to find a school... you may not know how much of a time suck it can be. Many of the schools websites are outdated and not much help. This is still a 'feet on the street' and 'Shake Hands' experience today. We were dying for a service like this when we moved to chicago less than a year ago. To that point... perhaps a great place for distribution could be with sites like ?
This is just great! my sister has a 2 year old and through her I learned how difficult the admission process for preschools is: a total battlefield. Thankfully, kidadmit is here to save the day!
Devang PatelSimplifier
This is a much needed service, worldwide.
I created KidAdmit from my experience of constant struggling to find and enroll my kids into the right programs. Every family has different needs so we wanted to make it easier for both parents and providers to connect. We look forward to helping more families find the best for their kids!
@tejaltshah I love this! It's amazing. I would love to learn more about how you went from idea to revenue.
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