Kid Carpool

A parent-to-parent carpooling for kids

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Kid Carpool is a wonderful concept: Families need the convenience of app-based scheduling, notifications, location detail, but they don't want to relinquish their kids to strangers. I've been privileged to follow Danielle's (@socalledventure)'s journey. She's an inspiring entrepreneur, bringing to the effort the insight of a practiced nanny and the enthusiasm of a kid.
@barbaratien Thank you for the kind words and support! Feeling blessed :-)
Yes, please, optimize carpooling for me and you have me for life.
How can we have you, @dmgrossblatt, if you're already got us? <3
Like the concept. Saw something similar in Malta (Europe)
@thewhizkids Hi Lewis and thanks for the positive feedback on concept and info on Malta product for school pools. In creating KCP, we really wanted to empower parents for all ride needs including already existing carpools as well after school/weekend activities, which, for me, it has been the after school/weekend times that are the hardest. Doesn't feel too good to make one child leave early from their game to make sure other child makes it to part of theirs! Thanks for reaching out :-)
@socalledventure yep good luck it seems like it takes a lot of effort to onboard parents, schools etc
What's your process for vetting "parents" ? Other than that, a fantastic idea !
@roryoo great question! We are introducing parents with other parents whose children attend the same school/afterschool program or sports team. Parents are confirmed by the organization/team and by other parents. Parents are provided suggestions within the closed, vetted community of families they can start a carpool with.
Great concept and so incredibly helpful.