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Know the team at Kickstagram and they rock! Have shown some incredible results on Instagram for me before.
Like the brands name btw
@otto_offringa quite easy to remember
Solid product!
is this different from ? ($10 a month) to automate your instagram engagements (liking, following, comments, etc)
@dennishegstad Hey Dennis, great question and we get asked it a lot, so much that I wrote an articles on it and will paste it below. TL:DR We have better filters/software, we do the targeting for you, and provide free consulting on your overall social media strategy with a focus on Instagram. ***WHAT MAKES KICKSTAGRAM DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER GUYS?*** You can do your own taxes or buy your own house, but you pay a professional to do it. We distinguish ourselves off two main features, our service and our software. Each client that signs up is assigned a dedicated account manager to service their account. We free you from the timesuck that is required to grow your Instagram so you can focus on more important aspects of building your business. Over here, we like to humbly call ourselves Instagram experts aka when it comes to Instagram, we know what we are doing. We collaborate with you on choosing a list of accounts or hashtags to target to make sure we get the most relevant and engaged followers. We set your parameters and make sure everything is organic and subtle as possible. We have never had an account banned. We are constantly monitoring your account and our on call for our clients 24/7 whether that means changing targets, bouncing around contest ideas, or deciding what kind of content to post. We are here for you! Secondly, our proprietary filters are second to none compared to the other guys. We make sure we are only targeting the most active and relevant followers for your brand. No spam accounts or inactive users over here! Think of your targets like tap water before it goes through your Brita, drinkable but not pure. Now think of our filters as the Brita, after we put your target accounts through, they come out nice and clean. We have removed all the inactive and poorly engaged accounts. For example, if an account has a URL in the bio they don’t pass through our filter. Why? Because we have found that most accounts that leave a URL in the bio probably are a business and not likely to engage with your account. If an account has foreign letters (ie Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc) in the bio they SHALL NOT PASS (Gandalf voice) as they are most likely in a foreign country and the chances of them purchasing or engaging with your account is low. If an account is following 10,000 people but only has 100 followers and visa versa, well , you guess it, they do not make it through as we have found these are usually not real people just spam accounts. I could go all day but you probably get the picture. In short, we are more about real and organic followers as opposed to just numbers. Whats the point of having a million followers if no one engages with your account or buys what your selling? Use a Brita to drink your water. Use Kickstagram to grow your Instagram.
I don't understand the different between premium, pro and startup. What does startup give me that premium don't?
@mikaellowgren Hi Mikael, the only difference is the savings in price. First class service is the exact same. Usually what happens is people sign up for the monthly (startup) to check it out and see if its for them or not and then once they get it, they upgrade to a cheaper monthly price. We like to give the month to month option to keep it flexible! Cheers
@ronan_galvin ok, sounds good. When I click the startup, I get to a checkout page saying $1188 anually.
@mikaellowgren Make sure there are not other plans in your checkout. it should just be $149. if it doesnt work, you can email me directly at and ill fix you up
@ronan_galvin I'm interested to know the answer to Josh's question about Kickstagram potentially violating the ToS.
@dereksilva Hi Derek, Upon signing up you are assigned an account manager who works with you to engage with the most relevant accounts and oversees the growth of your brand. We are first and foremost a marketing company and we do not perform looked down upon actions by Instagram such as follow/unfollow and mass commenting. These are a few things that Instagram keeps a close eye on, what makes us special is our ability to engage at a very effective rate via liking. With over 400 active clients we have never had any issues with Instagram on an account being disabled and we keep a very close eye out and make sure our engagement is within their allowed limits.