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Thomas, thank you for hunting us! Excited to be on Product Hunt! We’re Kickresume, an easy resume, personal website and cover letter builder. Kickresume started out as an experiment back at University, when me (Tomas) and Peter needed to write a resume for an internship. We created a simple resume building tool for us and our friends to use. After a couple of months, though, when we found that over a thousand people is using Kickresume, it became more than just a hobby for us! Many young people don’t really know how to create a good resume just like we didn’t back then. Kickresume wants to help people build a beautiful and professional resume and land their dream job. On top of our range of awesome resume template designs, Kickresume offers many other features such as the cover letter builder, grammar check and our brand new feature that allows people build their personal website directly out of their resume with just one click . We have many plans to improve Kickresume, we’re adding new features practically every week so there are plenty of other amazing things to look forward to! We’d really appreciate your feedback, it helps us grow and improve. To return the favor, we’ll give you a special promo code to use Kickresume Premium with 30% discount. PROMO CODE: producthunter
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@tomas_ondrejka nice! I'll add this to my Hack Your Job Search Collection!
@gabriel__lewis Thank you so much! 😊👍
@tomas_ondrejka Great Tool! I have spotted your website around a month ago! Well done!
@webyourmind thanks a lot! I am happy that you like Kickresume 😊
@tomas_ondrejka You are very welcome! Keep up the good work. I
There are a ton of job platforms that are optimized for companies to hire employees. Refreshing to see a holistic solution that caters specifically to the people who want to land a new gig. Kickresume is a one stop shop for everything you need: CV, cover letter, personal career focused website, you name it 🎨💘
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@__tosh Thanks Thomas for submiting Kickresume. We help to create an outstanding resume, cover letter or personal web in minutes, impress a future employer and land dream job exactly as you mentioned. Kickresume is a professional and career tool trusted by 400 000 job seekers 🦄. We help people through the whole process of resume and cover letter creation with many templates that are approved by recruiters and features that make us highly competitive in this market. We are here to answear any questions from Product Hunters 🐱. To return the favor, we give to all hunters a special promo to use Kickresume Premium with 30% discount. 🎉 PROMO CODE: producthunter
Idea is great but the templates are rather poor quality from design perspective... typography, alignments, use of whitespace etc. have space for a lot of improvement. Go for it!
@bboernard thank you for your feedback! We created our templates with the help of hundreds of world-class recruiters. One of the advice was to ''add a white space'' into resume templates to make it easy to read. We are still working on pixel perfect design so any feedback is welcome :) You can also customize every resume template (fonts, colors, alignments...)
@tomas_ondrejka @bboernard Tomas I don't think Bernhardt is saying using whitespace is bad but the way it's being used isn't up to par. I have looked at many design resumes and the number one pet peeve of mine is the skill scaling system. Software skills should never be presented in a 5 star or a fill-bar iconography. Photoshop for example can be used by many different types of professionals and my 5/5 of photoshop doesn't compare to my coworkers 5/5 which makes it completely arbitrary.
Hi @bacheller, we are still working on our PDF rendering engine. It's pretty complex problem to generate pixel-perfect PDF resume with all the graphic. According to skill scaling system - we had a pretty long discussion about this feature. Now users can simply use stars or words. At first we wanted to allow our users to use just text also because of resume parsing. We added star system later because some of our users asked for it.
Looks awesome. I came across many articles about ATS resume scanning in big companies. As far as I know, many ATSs don't parse .pdf docs very well. Kickresume seems to support only PDF download. Have you thought about this?
@adrianpica Grat question Adrian 🖖. Kickresume was tested with most popular Applicant Tracking Systems and resume parsers. They can read 99% of the information in our resumes 🙌 which is pretty impressive number. Actually we are more focused on content of resume and on using right keywords. That's why we created database of 17 000 resume phrases with keywords for each profesion. You can simple use them in your resume and rank higher in ATSs 🔝💻. It's like SEO for your resume. On the other hand, advantage of PDF is that it looks the same in every browser, parsing software etc.
Hi, I like the concept of being able to quickly (sorry, kickly :) ) create resumes. I signed up with Linkedin and somehow expected that Kickresume would import my data from Linkedin - but it didn't. Linkedin is the only place I keep my professional info updated and I'd prefer to keep it like this.
Hi @bujatt, great point! It was possible to import all your data from LinkedIn in past (it was pretty fast and useful) Unfortunately LinkedIn changed their policy and now we are unable to import your information via their app. It was a great feature so we decided to try it another way. Now you can simply import your LinkedIn data in 3 easy steps. 1. Download your LinkedIn profile in PDF 2. Upload it to Kickresume 3. Edit and download it or create a personal website. Here is a step-by-step video:
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@tomas_ondrejka thanks, wanted to try but I see it's a pro feature. Plus again, it's a manual process - I would prefer an automated one which keeps my resume up to date all the time
@bujatt you can get premium plan for free. Just use promo code ''producthunter'' At this time it's the easiest way to import LinkedIn data to Kickresume. We are also working on a browser plugin to make import easy and fast 👌 Maybe LinkedIn will allow users to import data in future 🙏 but we are not going to wait for it.