KickRef for KickEX

B2C version of a 10-level referral program with many perks

Championing high kickbacks for its users, KickRef is an muti-level referral program designed for the soon-to-launch KickEX exchange. KickRef is set to evolve into a B2B SaaS solution for all who need easily-constructed and lucrative referral systems.
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I'm more than sure that KickEx will be the first of its kind crypto exchange with a great number of loyal traders, users and partners. The KickRef system is very promising and will absolutely help to reach all the goals of KickICO team. I sincerely wish them good luck in implementation of all the milestones and become the #1 exchange in the cryto world!
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@andrejka verdade mano show wste project
Would you like to implement our referral system into your product?
Yes, and I'd pay for it!
Yes, if it's free
Yes, if we share revenue
No, it doesn't meet my needs
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Coinmarketcap KickToken ROI -99,91%
@new_user_2979c34c15 yes, cap. Temporary it's that, and we'll get it back. Everyone already understood that you hate us. so gtfo and do your own little thnigs.
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@new_user_2979c34c15 russian hate. Funny how you ignore fact that we are developing what we have promised, launching our products and doing what we should, and only see what you want to see. I really feel sorry for you. Now, when you understand how BAD we are, why are you here? Have your own life, and move on if you don't beleive in what we do. Create your own business, show everyone how to do it properly, on the falling market and during the cryptowinter. I'm sure you are smart and experienced and will do everything better than we do! :) And come back when you'll build your empire and prove us your experience and worth.
@new_user_2979c34c15 @anti_danilevski1 And where is the falling cryptocurrency market? What does your business have to do with it? And here - are we bad? Here, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with the Ministry of Finance can not agree on cryptocurrency in any way :))
Is very good product
I welcome everyone to have a peek at KickRef, the service we’ve developed for our own needs. In just two days after launch, we’ve got 20k registered users with 3 pre-orders from third-party businesses. Building on that interest, we decided to do the B2B SaaS version asap. After adding more features, we'll launch a referral system builder for the third parties (the KickRef SaaS version). Using it, you can build up your own system with various sets of goals, levels, rewards, texts, translations etc. Using the current version, you may register, get your referral link for free and share it, earning KickTokens. If you register right here using my link, you'll get 10k KickTokens instead of 1k: After registration in the program, each user receives a unique link valid for inviting other users into the system. The system automatically records who invited whom and distributes the referral rewards generated when the users pay for the platform’s services. There are 10 levels in the system, which means that the referral connections go down to the 10th level, with each level bringing the user a specific share of rewards. The idea is simple: the further down in the referral structure, the lower the rewards share, but at the same time the more people contributing to the rewards total, due to the cumulative multi-level marketing effect. Currently, the KickRef platform gets a single referral program for KickEX, but we plan to be launching hundreds of them, with the help of KickID, an openID service.