Build viral campaigns and get new customers


Alex Kehr
@alexkehr · Founder @ Wander
We've been using this on http://news.social for http://name.com for the past few weeks and our campaign has been going really well.
Tony Bui
@tonybuiwr · co - founder at WooRockets.com
The good point I see here is their templates are based on LIQUID HTML which easy to learn and build own template. The support guys are active to provide you assistance.
Tyler Hayes
@thetylerhayes · Bebo
I did a bunch of research recently on viral launch tools as we're unveiling Prime. I'm still trying a few of the tools—KickoffLabs isn't perfect, but has struck the best balance so far between price, value, and complexity. Cursory thoughts: 1. Quite the learning curve. At first I actually decided not to use Kickoff Labs because the UI is so cluttered. I chu… See more
Arjun Naskar ☕️
@anaskar · Co-Founder at HireReady, former Homejoy
Been using Kickofflabs for about 10 days now. Agree that the learning curve is a tad steep but the FAQ materials, Josh's biweekly live landing page critique, and email welcome series make using this product pretty simple afterward. Great tool and really good customer service support.
@vandeveire · Webdeveloper & designer
KickOffLabs is a really awesome product. I've developed multiple landing pages using the KickOffLabs API as the backend. The Magic Data feature which "magically" finds more info about a person based on their email address is quite cool too. @joshaledgard reviewed one of my landing pages when he first started off doing so a couple months ago and he provided s… See more