The first affiliate program for crowdfunding campaigns

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Hey Everyone! Scott here, ⅙ of the of the Kickbooster maker team. Myself (@ScottRAdamson) @Yvan_Boisjoli @StefanMaynard @jasonnmyers @erkswerks and Mike (Mike isn’t on twitter but he manages the @kickbooster account!) are super excited to get Kickbooster out there and get your feedback. Kickbooster is the first affiliate / cash back program for Kickstarter! By becoming a Booster, you can generate a unique tracking URL for any participating campaigns. This allows you to earn cashback on any successful referrals sent to the campaign, or you can simply pledge through your own Kickbooster link and earn cash back for supporting projects you already love! Kickbooster allows campaign creators to set up and run an affiliate / referral program during their campaign in a matter of minutes. We provide the campaign owners with an easy to edit landing page, along with a detailed admin dashboard to track the success of the program. Everyone on Product Hunt that signs up as a Booster through PH will be entered into the Product Hunt Challenge, where the top 5 boosters for the month will get double the commission / cashback!
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@scottradamson very interesting...! Are there are Kickstarter terms that prohibit this kind of thing? I presume not, but I have to ask. Also, I've found some projects like BackerClub, to be pretty annoyingly aggressive with promoting campaigns without much of a quality bar. Is KickBooster open to any campaign, or do you do some filtering/curation?
@chrismessina @scottradamson I have the same experience. Would love to know how you all will maintain quality content.
@chrismessina @scottradamson Hey Chris! Sorry I missed this question. As far as the Kickstarter TOS we have been told by Kickstarter that they approve our methods. It is no different than marketing companies that charge on a % basis of funds raised. We only charge for a % of funds raised through Kickbooster and we pay out the boosters for you! After working with over 200 campaigns we have had no issues. As far as the quality, concerns we allow any campaign to set up and use Kickbooster to monitor their own referral program during their campaign which allows them to engage their existing backers and community but only certain campaign quality to be in our marketplace and promoted to our list of Boosters (affiliates). We review every campaign before placing them in our public marketplace.
@itsthisjustin @scottradamson Hey Justin, I answered above to your question let me know if you need further clarification!
Love this product and think it'll help a lot of crowdfunding campaigns. @scottradamson tell us about some of the projects that have been boosted by Kickbooster.
Hey Alex! Thanks if you check out the page you can see some of the active campaigns that are using Kickbooster!
Just started and testing. It's a smart idea.
@twalkerp Thanks! today has been a pretty fun day here!