See who's at what parties in real time

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To know who's at a party in real time, wouldn't those people need to be using the app?
@chrismessina Hey Chris! First of all thanks for taking the time to check out Kickback!😁 You're absolutely right that to automatically check in guests, they have to be using Kickback. The idea is that since events are created and viewed through the app, people who are attending will already be users -- your friends who don't have the app can be invited to join via SMS. This is obviously a little optimistic. Of course some people may hear about the event by word of mouth.
Hey @mattschrage is there a reason why Kickback isn't available on the UK app store?
@danielmarkbanks right now, Kickback is only available in the U.S. because the SMS event invitations are only delivered in the States at the moment.
@mattschrage @danielmarkbanks Cool, thanks! Will have to get a state side peep to try it out : )
Hi, everybody! The idea for Kickback came about when I was in high school and my friends and I were trying to solve the age old question: what to do on a Friday night. Kickback shows you what’s going on around you but more importantly WHO is there. When you are looking for something to do, you can see which parties/bars/clubs are popular and if your friends are there! Kickback uses a combination of geofencing and background location tracking to automatically check you into the events you go to -- with minimal impact to battery life. That’s about it! I would seriously love any and all feedback. I’ll be answering whatever questions you have or you can email me at! Also, I want to thank Ben Tossell again for inviting me to this community. 🙌
An app for all the parties you're not invited to