Kick Cards

A deck of cards help startup businesses shine

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One of the greatest challenges for a startup is ensuring they don't get too comfortable with their assumptions. There are a thousand ways to do something badly, and only a few ways to do something right, and that's why these cards are a great tool for startups - they challenge every aspect of an early-stage business. James developed the concept and topics amongst various cohorts on Ignite's accelerator program, so they're grounded in practical scenarios. If you're a founder, an advisor or a mentor, they're invaluable; playing the deck will help you ask new questions about your business, and consider new solutions.
Thanks for Hunting, @paul_a_smith =) The Kickstarter campaign is just over a day in and has *way* exceeded my expectations - it's great to know that they'll become a reality after all these years refining! Happy to answer anybody's questions about them...
Backed and excited to see these become a reality. Loved the taster cards at Newcastle Startup Week last week and can't wait to be thought provoked by the full set - congrats for making them a reality @jtruk!
We used kickcards in our startup while they were in development. It was a great session! discussions and ideas came out that would have been missed otherwise. I still have the cards we discussed on my desk as a reminder. I think they're a great tool, especially in small teams who know each other well and are familiar with how each other thinks. It's puts a different brain in the discussion and can shake things up a bit sometimes, or just remind you of the track you set out on
Backed. Excited to try these with the team!
Is it based on Oblique Strategies? I've used these cards and few times and its always fun to try and think outside the box.
@eccountability Hi Ronan :) They're more directed then Oblique Strategies, so they interrogate various aspects of a startup's product, team, competitors, market, company vision, etc. Oblique Strategies are more about completely open thinking, so they're creative nudges rather than problem solvers. Both Kick Cards and Oblique Strategies tap into some of the same psychological good stuff - giving a guiding direction, serendipity, projection, removing barriers, etc. More here:, and on the Kickstarter campaign page :)