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#5 Product of the DayJune 19, 2015



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Paul SmithHunter@paul_a_smith · Global Field Operations, Hyperloop One
Smart team that went through Ignite Accelerator and pivoted into Kick Advisor - a new way to find and buy your perfect pair of sneakers. Scroll through a feed of community-generated photos, similar to Instagram, and Kick Advisor will tell you where to buy the sneakers you see in the photos. Launched a couple of days ago - they've already had over 400 sneakerheads upload more than 1000 sneakers to the website.
Ultan MillerMaker@ultan_lasu
Hey guys! One of the founders here, thanks so much for all the upvotes and positive words already! For us, the best part about sneaker culture is the community, but all the websites we use to shop for sneakers are so impersonal and transactional. So we set out create something different, something a lot more social, so please feel free not only to use the website to shop but also to share the sneakers that you own with the community too! For all non-PH related questions feel free to drop me a line on Cheers again!
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@ultan_lasu lets do a sneaker hunt collection? ;)
Ultan MillerMaker@ultan_lasu
@eriktorenberg such a good idea! let's get on it now!
iOverThoughtThisMaker@iovrthoughtthis · Software Developer
Ohad Assoulin@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
@ultan_lasu Wow, I had no idea how deep the kicks culture was! What is your favorite pair?
Marc Marius Mueller@muellermm · User Experience Specialist
@iovrthoughtthis @ultan_lasu Wow, I love this!
Frankie Bæza@frankiebaeza · Founder @ ROAS.SYSTEMS
Very well made love the UX! Well done to @ultanlasu and the team!
Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
Nice! I need some new sneakers so will totally use this to find the perfect pair :)
Ultan MillerMaker@ultan_lasu
@ems_hodge awesome!! look forward to seeing your collection up on the site!
Fahm Sikder@fahmsikder · Product Designer from NYC
This is awesome! A better way to search / filter through results would be great too. Now, where can I find some Bred 1s without having to take out a bank loan? :(
Joe Wagner@bangner · Dev @builtnativ
@fahmsikder you can't...unless decides to finally release them :)
iOverThoughtThisMaker@iovrthoughtthis · Software Developer
@fahmsikder We've been focusing on our community a lot more than on our product at this early stage but we will certainly get to making it a better place to discover sneakers in the future.
Fahm Sikder@fahmsikder · Product Designer from NYC
@bangner @fahmsikder ...Ebay it is 😩 😭
Ultan MillerMaker@ultan_lasu
@fahmsikder cheers dude! we'll get working on it asap. what filters would you like to have?
Fahm Sikder@fahmsikder · Product Designer from NYC
@ultan_lasu Simple things like filter by men/women, sport, model, etc. Right now clicking "Nike" for example is just one big feed of sneakers so its kind of overwhelming. The community part is great though. The sneakers + fitted combo is dope.