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@angus_halen · Founder, Lyrical.me
I've not looked at your site, but reading your tagline "Confidence exercises for introverts" - I have to say that I am borderline offended. It's clear that you have absolutely no real understanding of what it means to be an Introvert (or an extrovert for that matter). Being an introvert has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with shyness. The whole introvert / extro… See more
Gert Hattingh
@gertjeza · Digital Marketer
Android? Any ETA?
Justin Ip
@ipster · Founder, Kick Health
Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! We're so excited to be launching on PH today! 🚀 Kick provides you with the tools to build confidence across all areas of your life — work, friendships, dating, public speaking and social gatherings. Each day the app provides a simple, fun, and creative activity that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, increa… See more
Gaurav Agrawal
@buddies2705 · Coder, Thinker, Curious observer
When you guys going to lunch it Android
@jongold · AI design tools
this looks awesome - as a shy / anxious / british whatever-vert, I like being nudged outside of my comfort zone. agree on the distinction between shyness and introversion, but that's one copyedit away. hate to be That Guy, but I'd love an Android or web version :) (edit: just saw you said you built it in React Native — dope, looking forward to the easy port… See more